Welcome to BARR 2021!


Hello everyone,

For the past 14 months, the book club I founded in 1998, The Reading Divas of the DMV, and many other book clubs across the country have had to hold meetings virtually due to COVID-19. During that same time, many literary events have either been canceled or held virtually.

We now find ourselves in a place in time when many of us have willingly been vaccinated and are anxious to return to "normal"  while others have chosen not to follow suit ... where some jurisdictions are allowing venues to open to full capacity and others have not ... and therein lies the problem ... and the struggle for Event Planners.

I would love to announce today, without any reservations, BARR WILL BE HELD OCTOBER 1-2, 2021! But the truth is I cannot do that until the State of Maryland, Prince George's County, and the Harborside Hotel lift current restrictions that would make it impossible to host an event worthy of your time and support.  

With that said, I will continue to monitor and keep you updated about how things are progressing and I will continue to be optimistic that everything will work out and I will see you in October ... I hope you feel the same.

In the meantime, please take a minute to respond and let me know if you will support BARR this year if we could ensure it would be held in a safe environment.