Welcome to BARR 2022!


Hello everyone,

For several months I have been in deep debate with myself and others about whether we would be able to successfully hold BARR in 2021. My first delimma was whether facilities would be open and accessible. 
Once the State of Maryland and the Harborside Hotel lifted restrictions, I then took a close look at whether or not we would be able to guarantee the robust full audience we have in past. Unfortunately, I do not believe we can.
Though authors have reached out daily to let me know they are ready to attend and support the event, I am hearing just the opposite from readers. What many readers are saying is they will continue to be cautious and plan not attend large gatherings un5til next year. The recent focus on the spread of the new delta variant has added to their hesitation.
Therefore, rather than expecting you to attend and support what most probably would be a disappointing event from an attendance standpoint, I am scraping BARR 2021 and pray we will be able to come back strong in 2022...Today I signed the contract with Harborside Hotel for September 30 and October 1, 2022!
Thank you for your interest in and support of BARR.